You and Me and Awkward Silence is a short film series that is a continuation of Beckett’s first semester thesis project, a photo book, Myself and Nobody Else, which was displayed at Artspace TMU from February 29th-April 6th. Focused on the collaboration between the artist and his audience, the video medium has allowed Beckett to expand the level of interaction that was originally available in his piece. Through duration and performance Beckett is better able to enhance this interactive experience as the work exists in multiple final forms, one being the multi-channel installation experience, the other a continuous loop of the three films of the series being played one after another, indefinitely, as seen in MaxEx. Beckett’s eyes play the largest role in the performance and narrative of the piece as they guide the viewer throughout the 22:07 of the piece. Lighting, facial expression, and body language play the other major contemporary roles in the work, as they are not only used as a tool to guide the viewer, just as the eyes do, but they also create multiple versions of the same scene, as well as relate heavily to Myself and Nobody Else, the first installment of the series.
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