Myself and Nobody Else  


Featured in To Bend To Fit To Bare at Artspace TMU

Myself and Nobody Else is a performance and self-portraiture piece about the body and identity of artist Beckett Koreen. The images capture vague, contoured poses of the artist's body to act as a map of Beckett’s identity while being paired with passages from his journal to contextualize his life as a young queer man. The catalog piece was created as a medium in which the artist is able to express his own self while simultaneously being ambiguous enough to allow viewers to apply themselves into the world the piece creates as someone being viewed or as an intimate partner closely viewing them. The writings accompanying the images bring Beckett into the piece as a way to guide you through the map he created while also giving the audience a greater understanding of his life. The visceral images capture all the fear, confidence, embarrassment, shame, and pride that it takes to put yourself into intimate settings as well as put yourself in front of the camera.
©Beckett Koreen             keckett.boreen       519-852-9403