My Footprint


In this project the artist aims to demonstrate how images interact with the space they occupy and the space around them and more specifically the space that is the image itself. Photographing the project during early spring between the end of March and the beginning of April, the artist also aims to capture the location's specific seasonal transition. The artist returned to the same spot in High Park over the entire timeline of the series to record the images and himself interacting with the environment using photography and video. The documentation process of the series saw the artist navigating the experience of the change from the tail end of winter to the introduction of spring and recorded the shift and how it affected the images and how they interacted with their environment differently in every single photo. With every image taken the artist sizes up the print for the next shoot. Everytime the artist returned to the location he photographed himself with a larger image, starting when he photographed the environment with just himself in frame. The artist created the print size progression in his images with the intention of showing how photographs interact with everything around them differently, including the artist himself, depending on their size. The process and progression is also on display through the accompanying projected video that truly illustrates how the images not only interact with their environment but also how the artist and the prints interact with each other.
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