Breaking Character


“Breaking Character”  is a performance art film, photography series, and installation about the mind space of my adult life and a look into my thoughts during my decision making process. Being in a healthier mind space now I feel confident in my ability to closer visualize this and orchestrate an experience relevant to my creative vision. This piece demonstrates the emotions and struggle that we exist with and it is a piece that works as a way to look back at who I was. It now lives as a way to show a transition to how I have come to terms with who I am and how I’ve become more confident and comfortable with my own angst and mental well being. My angst and self consciousness created a claustrophobic headspace that pushed me more and more into a negative state that I explore in each part of the exhibit. The images around the exhibit create an area surrounded by my thoughts. A sanctuary displaying chaos that I created and that formed me. A stool featured in the film but also creates a way to observe my mind from your own distance and way place to find peace when surrounded by said chaos. The film provides a filling noise of overstimulation but provides visuals of my journey and struggle through the entire piece and creates an atmosphere displaying what it took to become myself.
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